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The Recruit Right for Vets system is the only end-to-end
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 Your People Are Your Greatest Asset (Or Your Worst Nightmare)
If you've been in business and managed people for more than a day, then you'll already have worked this out. You already know you have some good people, some bad people and some downright ugly characters on your team. The problem isn't knowing this, it's knowing how to prevent it. To stop hiring based on a lottery. One where the odds are frankly piled up so high against you that failure is as predictable as it is inevitable. 

When you chose to use nothing more than a resume and in person interview to make your recruitment decisions then you are leaving yourself, your team, your patients and your business exposed to some insanely high risks. (We detail those in a free webinar below).

You wouldn't treat your pets using guess work, so why would you make your most important business decision this way? That may be uncomfortable to hear, but it's the absolute truth. Most veterinary professionals are hired based on gut instinct. Please stop doing this, there is a better way. 

The Recruit Right for Vets Recruitment System package combines two things. Firstly a series of training webinars that will quickly develop you or your hiring team into recruitment ninjas. 

And the second, a suite of prewritten templates and selection resources ready for you to immediately start using as your new recruitment system. 

We are so confident that this system works (because we've been helping practices all over the world with recruitment for the last five year), that we offer a no quibbles, 30 day guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with this system for whatever reason. Then we'll refund your money.
Save Money (A lot of it)
We estimate that a bad hire can cost as much as $100,000. And that's per year! 

Sadly we are not joking and we have some astounding evidence to back this claim up. Learn the full horror in our free webinar below.
Spent your time wisely
Recruitment is one of those crucial 80:20 jobs. Sadly most people are on the wrong side of this rule and hire badly, then the problems start to mount up fast. By using a scientific system that eliminates poor candidates, you will hire better staff and reduce your in clinic headaches.
Built by experts. Used globally
The Recruit Right for Vets system was developed and tested extensively by two leaders in HR management, Dr Dave Nicol and Nancy Slessenger (Vinehouse Hiring). Since launch in 2011, it has been successfully deployed in veterinary hospitals in the UK, USA & Australia.
The truth about what's really killing your profits, time & happiness at work
It's a reality that most veterinary practices still deliver an terrible return on money invested. It's also true that many vet hospitals suffer from a toxic, energy-sapping culture. And finally there's the fact our suicide rate is four times the national average. What links all of these things together is who you choose to hire and work with. In this webinar, Dr Dave Nicol and veterinary accountant Paolo Lencioni reveal the terrifyingly large costs of getting recruitment wrong.

Click Play to listen to the webinar (Not for the feint hearted). >>>
What are our clients saying?
Don't take our word for it that this unique recruitment system works. Here's Dr Mark Reeve, a highly successful vet hospital owner and forward thinker from Adelaide, South Australia who was hiring a new head nurse and realised just how important a job this was going to be. So he invested some time and money into using a guaranteed system that would exponentially improve his chances of making the right hire. And it worked! 

Click on the video to hear his view >>>
A great start! I posted the job advert last night it last night, and wanted to show you the first sentence of the first application I have received this morning in my inbox (of 3 so far!):
"I just came across your advert and I have to say, wow, this is the first advert after all I’ve been through my job hunting that really keeps my full attention. You look like a great team, and the type of place I’d like to work. I have to congratulate you for the spirit I can feel in your practice."
Helen Spencer
Owner. Paxton Vets, London, UK.
"I get this warm fuzzy feeling when I think that our competitors will be taking on the candidates we didn’t … just because they have good CVs! It’s what we would have done before."
Paolo Lencioni
Partner. APL Accountants for Vets | Veterinary Entrepreneur. Brisbane, Australia.
"The recruitment process was invaluable in our hiring of staff members. Unlike the previous recruitment method this new approach selected employees based on their key attributes and skills required by the job. This has meant a maximal operation running of the business."
Dr Laura Brown
Head Veterinarian. Animal Welfare League, Sydney, Australia.
Start building your dream team, risk free, today.
Our system is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee...

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